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Berkeley Cannabis

Berkeley Cannabis

The diverse benefits of the Cannabis plant have made it the top demanding product in the market. As a wide range of cannabis products are available at Marijuana dispensaries near Oakland buying a quality product from authentic sellers is very important.

Euphorium Oakland feels proud to say that we are one of the finest Berkeley cannabis sellers. Because we have an unbreakable commitment to providing high-quality, unique, and effective services and products in one place. Our Cannabis dispensaries in Berkeley CA only deal in products that are thoroughly tested and finely produced.

In-depth Review Of Our Cannabis Flower Products

Here is an in-depth review of top Flower Products available at Euphorium in Berkeley to guide you and give you a better understanding of our product.

1) Do- Si- Dos:

Since its release, it has remained the favorite for most cannabis connoisseurs. Its fantastic flavor and smell are heart-clenching but a novice should be careful as it contains a very high amount of THC I.e 21.47%. It gives a euphoric rush when consumed and then later settles into happy relaxation effects. Many people use it to cure irritations like nausea and headaches. It can help with insomnia, relieve pain and anxiousness.

2) Blue Dream:

Having a strain of 60/40, it is a potent made by the cross of famous blueberry and Haze strains. This classic cannabis is immensely powerful that gives an immediate uplifting mood and a more focused mind. Its delicious aroma and a sugary taste of blueberry are incredible for your taste buds and are great to lift your mood on Monday mornings. It may relieve ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Mood Swings, PTSD, Stress, Hyperactivity, Headaches, and much more.

3) Chocolatinas Bigs:

The dominant hybrid strain created from Tina and Mint Chocolate Chips are best known for their mouthwatering taste and lasting effects. It gives a profound feeling of happiness with an unfocused euphoric vibe. Its high quantity of THC gives it an upper hand to treat chronic fatigue, migraines, and bipolar disorders. The sweet minty chocolate flavor with the earthy aroma of chocolate diesel creates a deadly combination in terms of taste and smell.

4) Cherry AK:

The sweet cherry scent with a unique flavor of earth and spices along with the perfect dose of THC can reduce the stress of your day in a minute. It has a phenotype of AK-47 that tastes like smooth cherry and also gives a creamy sandalwood taste later. It creeps up from cerebral stimulation and makes the body calm and relaxed. The only side effects reported are normal dry eyes and mouth. The product makes the person have positive and deep thoughts making him feel less nervous and more confident.

5) Red Dragon:

This Sophisticated Stoner is powerful enough to create a problem for novices and intermediate cannabis consumers. The extremely sweet yet spicy marijuana effect is enough to make you feel stoned for hours. Many people prefer it to relieve their depression and stress symptoms. It is a powerful strain that has a high disease resistance. Give it a try and buy it from our Medical dispensary near Berkeley California to get a high uplifting mood experience.

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Our Berkeley CA marijuana dispensaries have a unique yet amazing collection of cannabis flowers, topical, vapes, and much more. For a quick and efficient cannabis delivery in Berkeley CA contact Euphorium Oakland and Shop our dispensary in-person or online or call us if you have questions.

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