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Nicotine Free Cigarettes

Many people cannot quit smoking cigarettes without resorting to a safer alternative and make it easier to wade off a conventional smoking habit. The genuine concern about these products is whether they pose any health concerns, so you can be confident you are not switching one batch of health issues for another. Let us look at nicotine-free cigarettes and how they affect the human body to understand how you should include them in your lifestyle.

Nicotine free cigarettes

These cigarettes look and function like any other product, but they have a completely different chemical makeup from the usual cigarette. Some companies advertise them as cessation aids, which is not the case unless they have actual health benefits.

What is in our nicotine-free cigarette? The main ingredient in our cigarette is hemp, which has several health benefits and is not addictive. Consuming these cigarettes a couple of times every week will help with several health issues like anxiety, low energy, and the restlessness of using nicotine.

Benefits of smoking hemp cigarettes

Rapid health benefits

CBD inhalation is one of the fastest ways to get the immediate benefits of calmed nerves. The CBD enters the system through the bloodstream, whereas ingesting it would take time because it has to go through the entire digestive tract. This means smoking CBD offers a broader range of CBD compounds with a faster delivery, which is best if you want to calm your nerves or get to sleep instantaneously. Additionally, smoking hemp has proven beneficial against chronic illnesses like inflamed joints, a range of ailments, and the stiffness of chronic inflammations.


CBD does not have the same psychotropic elements as nicotine and is calming and relaxing without arousing addiction. Note that our CBD cigarettes do not contain alarming THC levels, so it is impossible to develop a neural dependency because your mind and body enjoy the increased excitement. Research shows that CBD interacts with the GABA neurotransmitter to induce feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Better than vaping

Vaping is the first alternative that most people will consider when they want to stop nicotine addiction free of nicotine and purports to end the addiction more quickly. The only problem with this treatment choice is that vaping can be just as harmful as smoking nicotine cigarettes because it contains toxic active ingredients like vitamin acetates present in vape solutions. Hemp reduces the salience of lighting and smoking a regular cigarette without building upon a new kind of addiction or perpetuating a worse medical condition.

How to smoke CBD cigarettes

Real Stuff's CBD cigarettes are portable and convenient for you to carry and use on the go. You can buy as many packets as you wish to keep them for a long time because a single hemp puff goes a long way in relaxing your mind. We believe any nicotine-free cigarettes will lead to better overall health as long as you stick to a healthy dosage. Check out our varieties online and contact us for all related concerns.

Nicotine Free Cigarettes
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