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pain management Suffolk County

pain management Suffolk County

Accidents happen, and sometimes we’re left with a lifelong pain that reminds us of it every day. With so much negative news about opiate addiction, it can be difficult when deciding about pain management in Suffolk County. However, the medical experts at Natural Pain Solutions can offer you a better way!

Can medical marijuana help with pain?

Pain management remains one of the primary reasons why patients use medical cannabis! Whether it be from the pain experienced from opioid withdrawal, muscle spasms, or multiple sclerosis, this plant has proven to be of big help. According to a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 20 percent of Americans experience some form of chronic pain. Up until now, most of these patients have treated their pain with opioids, which for many, became a separate problem altogether.

Drug overdoses are now the number one cause of all opioid deaths, and the situation has become so bad that it has even triggered a national emergency! If you’re looking for pain management in Suffolk County, but you don’t want to take any chances with opioids, then you should talk to a medical expert about your issue and see whether medical marijuana is the answer.

What’s the best cannabis strain for pain?

All strains of marijuana have shown to alleviate pain; however, some strains do a better job than others for specific illnesses. The different cannabis plants include Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and hybrids. They seem to have different effects on the user. Indica has a more soothing effect and is excellent for chronic pain, sleep, and nausea. Sativa gives you more of a head high and works great for headaches, depression, and can also help alleviate nausea.

Hybrids are great because they can give you the benefits that both Indica and Sativa, offer. To find out which strain would help you the most, talk to a doctor about your issues. They can suggest the best strain or mix that will target the problems you are trying to overcome.

What’s the best way to take medical marijuana?

The best way to ingest the plant depends on what you are using it for and what your doctor recommends. There are many ways to take medical cannabis, which includes smoking, vaping, edibles, topicals, liquid, and even capsule form. The quickest way to feel the effects is to inhale smoke or vape, the latter being a healthier option. There is also liquid that you can swallow or place under the tongue. Edibles and capsules are also very useful but can take some time to feel the effects. Topicals are great for helping people with seizures, arthritis, and other painful issues without feeling the high from THC.

To find out more about pain management in Suffolk County, go to the best and most experienced doctors in the area. The medical experts at Natural Pain Solutions will be able to discuss what kind, how much, and what method of ingestion is best for your needs!

pain management Suffolk County
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pain management Suffolk County
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